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How it Works

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Real-time analysis

Our proprietary algorithms enables real-time recognition of emotion

  •  More than 20 emotional classes
  •  Demographic information can be extracted
  •  Lean enough to analyze on a smartphone
  •  Smart system that learns with more use


Call Centers

We are focusing our efforts on improving contact center productivity, effieciency, and effectivness

If you are interested in learning more about our solutions or want to explore more application opportunties, please reach out to us here.

Who are we


Akash Krishnan, who attends MIT, and Matthew Fernandez, who attends Stanford University, are the founders of Simple Emotion. Their research started during their high school days at Oregon Episcopal School, which has now evolved into this company.


Innovation belongs to everyone. Successful communication and the ability to build communities are foundational to fulfilling social, personal, and professional lives. This is true whether communicating over the Internet or in person; whether forming digital communities or communities in your neighborhood. We are committed to creating technology that bridges gaps both between and among people.

Akash Krishnan

CTO and Co-Founder

Matt Fernandez

CEO and Co-Founder

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