Empowering Voice Communication With
Next-Generation Audio Analytics

Simple Emotion utilizes cutting-edge emotion and speech analysis algorithms to provide unprecedented human-to-machine communication.

We're currently pilot-testing a product that generates actionable information and statistics from customer service interactions. We are actively creating new products to transform many industries, including contact centers, personal assistants, robotics, and healthcare.

Our Value

Dynamic Collection
Whether streamed though our custom user interfaces, or integrated directly with our audio prossessing API, Simple Emotion provides flexible solutions to the largest of data collection dilemmas.

Custom Models
We work closely with our clients to create models that match their needs, including the detection of emotion, demographics or other information.

Easy Understanding
We create a specific solution to meet our client's needs. Through our cloud-based data visualization or directly with our API, Simple Emotion makes it easy to understand complex data.

Our Ventures

Contact Centers
We are focusing our efforts on improving contact center productivity, efficiency, and effectivness. If you are interested in learning more about our solutions or want to explore more application opportunties, please reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom.

Voice Assistants
Voice assistants may understand and interpret what people say, but voice assistants do not understand how people express their feelings. Our emotion recognition technology allows voice assistants to communicate more effectively, make appropriate decisions, and respond according to your emotion.

Other Ventures
We strive to add value in any business with voice communication. Software often fails to understand users because the communication is solely through keyboard or dictation. Simple Emotion can analyze audio data to provide information, including age, gender, culture, and emotion.

Our Mission
Innovation belongs to everyone. Successful communication and the ability to build communities are the foundation to fulfilling social, personal, and professional lives. This is true whether communicating over the Internet or in person; whether forming digital communities or communities in your neighborhood. We are committed to creating technology that bridges gaps among people.

Clancey Stahr
Board Member

Focused on sales and business development. Stanford MS&E.

Daniel May

Focused on bringing the product to life. Occurr software consulting.

Zachary Shute

Focused on front-end visualization of complex data. RPI CE.


Focused on back-end analysis of audio data. Stanford CS.

Mark Schramm

Focused on front-end interactivity of our product. Stanford CS.

Vincent Zhang

Focused on data science and back-end needs. Stanford EE

Akash Krishnan
Co-Founder and CTO

Full-Stack engineer with an endless skill set. MIT EECS, Economics

Matthew Fernandez
Co-Founder and CEO

Singly focused on making computers smarter. Stanford CS.

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